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All sources should be evaluated using the following criteria:

Accuracy of the source 
Who is the author? Is there a way to contact him or her? What is the purpose of the resource, and why was it produced? Is the author qualified to write on the subject? 

Authority of the source 
Who published the resource? Is the resource self-published? Is the publisher or Webmaster reputable? If the source is a web site, check the domain to see what institution sponsors the site. Does the publisher provide his or her qualifications and credentials? 

Objectivity of the source 
What are the goals & objectives of this resource? What opinions (if any) are expressed by the author? Is the resource a mask for advertising, or biased in some other way? Who was it written for (the audience), and why? 

Currency of the source 
When was it produced? This is less important for historical resources, works that are classics in their field, or for a historical topic or viewpoint. When was it last updated? Being online doesn't mean a resource is up to date. For a web site, how up-to-date are the links (if any)? 

Coverage of the source 
How detailed is the information? Is the information cited correctly? Is the resource mainly images, text, or a balance of text and images? Is there a bibliography, or a links page for web sites? Are they annotated? Are they relevant?