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Suggestion One
SAT and ACT Practice Booklets Available in the Guidance Office
Suggestion Two
Up Your Score:  The Underground Guide to the SAT
Berger, Colton, Mistry, Rossi, & Liao
Approximately $11 at
Down to earth and easy to read, recommended by prior students.
Did you take the PSAT? 
Did you know that your PSAT score report offers you access to My College Quickstart,
an online database full of SAT practice questions based on how YOU did on the PSAT?  
My College Quickstart highlights your strengths and weaknesses when it came to the PSAT
and gives suggestions for how to improve, loads of practice questions, and quality

All you need is the access code from your PSAT score report.  Don't have your score report? 
Ask your counselor for your access code, they have a school copy of your PSAT score report if you can't find yours. 

Dig out that score report and CLICK HERE for short videos that help explain what your scores mean and how to navigate My College Quickstart.  
Suggestion One
Visit our "Announcements" tab for local SAT/ACT workshops offered by nearby institutions. 
We will post information as it becomes available. 
Suggestion Two
Academic Pointe SAT & ACT Preparation Classes

1848-- 45th Street  |  Munster, IN 46321 (Next to McShane's)
219-689-2634  | 
Suggestion Three
Method Test Prep SAT/ACT Courses available via:

American School of Correspondence


Method Test Prep provides high-quality instruction and course content on a secure website that is easy to navigate.  Students will be able to work at their own pace.  Method Test Prep offers a free two-week trial of their courses.  If students wish to continue after that time, they pay on a monthly basis, either $39.95 per month for one course (SAT or ACT) or $59.95 per month for both courses (SAT and ACT).  This pricing system ensures that students will receive test preparation for only the amount of time that they need it.



Check your Android/Apple app store! 

Many applications exist designed specifically for SAT/ACT test prep! 


1.  Log on to 

2.  Click on the Testing & Education Reference Center.

3.  Select ACT, SAT, or SAT Subject Tests from the College Prep Tools drop down menu.

4.  Now you have access to prep materials including online books, practice tests, online courses, and access to other resources.