AP European History

Teacher: Mr T Steenson

AP European History                                              Y          10-12

Prerequisite:  Must have 3.0 GPA or above                                  

Advanced Placement European History is a cooperative endeavor of the College Board.  The intention of this course is to provide college level learning for high school students.  This course is recommended for the college bound student with an interest in European History.  Students achieving a semester grade of “C-” or above receive quality points for this course.


The study of European History since 1450 introduces students to cultural, economic, political, and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which they live.  In addition to providing a basic narrative of events and movements, the goals of the AP program in European History are to develop (a) an understanding of some of the principle themes in modern European history, (b) an ability to analyze historical evidence, and (c) an ability to express historical understanding in writing.

A Core 40 and AHD course

A two credit course