AP US History

Teacher: Mr. T Steenson

AP United States History                                              Y          11-12

Prerequisite:  Must have 3.0 GPA or above                                  

Advanced Placement United States History is a cooperative educational endeavor of the College Board.  The intention is to provide college level learning for high school who may receive college credit and appropriate placement at the college level.  The student will take an examination in May.  Results will determine whether a student qualifies for college credit.  This course is recommended for the college bound student with a strong interest in social studies.  It is also recommended for those students who have demonstrated strong academic achievement in high school.  Students achieving a semester grade of “C-” or above receive quality points for this course.


The Advanced Placement Program in United States History is designed to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in United States history.  Students should learn to assess historical materials – their relevance to a given interpretive problem, their reliability, and their importance – and to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship.  An Advanced Placement United States History course should thus develop the skills necessary to arrive at informed conclusions and convey those conclusions clearly and persuasively in an essay format.

A Core 40 and AHD course

A two credit course