United States Government

Teachers: Mr. T Reynolds, Mr. S Carlson, Mr. C Kirincic

United States Government                                      S          11-12       

United States Government provides a framework for understanding the purposes, principles, and practices of constitutional representative democracy in the United States of America.  Responsible and effective participation by citizens is stressed.  Students will understand the nature of citizenship, politics, and government when they understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and be able to explain how those rights and responsibilities as citizens are part of local, state, and national government in the United States today.  Students examine how the United States Constitution protects individual rights and provides the structures and functions for the various levels of government affecting their lives.  Students will also analyze how the United States government interacts with other nations and evaluate the United States’ role in world affairs.  Students inquire about American government through primary and secondary sources and articulate, evaluate, and defend positions on political issues with sound reasoning and evidence. As a result, students can explain the roles of citizens in the United States and the participation of individuals and groups in government, politics, and civic activities, recognize the need for civic and political engagement of citizens, and exercise rights and responsibilities in order to preserve and improve their civil society and constitutional government.

A Core 40 and AHD course

A one credit course