World History & Civilization

Teachers: Mr. J Heckard, Mr. M Mishler

World History and Civilization                                  Y          9 – 12

World History is a two-semester course.  It emphasizes events and developments in the past that greatly affected large numbers of people across broad areas of the earth and that significantly influenced peoples and places in subsequent eras.  Some key events and developments pertain primarily to particular people and place; others, by contrast, involve transcultural interactions and exchanges between various peoples and places in different parts of the world.  Students are expected to practice skills and processes of historical thinking and inquiry that involve chronological thinking, comprehension, analysis and interpretation, research, issues-analysis, and decision-making.  They are expected to compare and contrast events and developments involving diverse peoples and civilizations in different regions of the world. Students are expected to examine examples of continuity and change, universality and particularity, and unity and diversity among various peoples and cultures from the past to the present.  Finally, students are expected to apply content knowledge to the practice of thinking and inquiry skills and processes.  There should be continuous and pervasive interactions of processes and content, skills and substance, in the teaching and learning of history.

A Core 40 and AHD course

A two credit course