Nutrition and Wellness

Welcome to Nutrition and Wellness! 

Our class syllabus can be found here: NWSyllabus2013-2014.doc

Topics addressed during Quarters 1 & 3 include: 
Ch.1: The Amazing World of Food The Amazing World of Food.ppt
Ch.2: Diversity at the table
Ch.3: The food supply Food SupplyNotes.doc
Ch.4: Food Science and Technology Food Science & Technology.ppt
Ch.19: Safety and Sanitation  Chapter 20FoodSafety.ppt
Ch.20: Preventing Kitchen Accidents
Ch.21: Equipping the Kitchen
Ch.23: Using Recipes
Ch.24: Preparation techniques
Ch.25: Cooking Methods
Ch.26: Develop a Work Plan

Topics addressed during Quarters 2 & 4 include:
Ch.5: Nutrients at work
Ch.6: Carbohydrates / Ch.30: Grain Products
Ch.7: Proteins & Fats / Ch.32: Dairy / Ch.34: Meats
Ch.8: Vitamins & Minerals / Ch.28: Fruits / Ch.29: Vegetables
Ch.9: Water & Phytochemicals
Ch.10: Nutrition Guidelines
Ch.11: Keeping a healthy weight
Ch.12: Health Challenges
Ch.14: Eating Patterns
Ch.15: Vegetarian Food Choices
Various chapters & sources: Careers