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Attention all seniors, please submit your pictures to the email for the senior graduation slideshow.  If you have any questions contact Ashley Granados.  

The left photo was taken in Muxia, Spain in 2014. I walked the Camino de Santiago, a walk from the mountains in France through Northern Spain, to Santiago de Compostela and then to the Atlantic Ocean. My granddaughter and girlfriend enjoyed making a snowman (Olaf). We got to ride the merry-go-round at Navy Pier. Finally I took a selfie from the top of the roof of the house I am building. No, I am not afraid of heights!

Check it out: Google "Hus NPR" 

All Math Students and Teachers: Learn, memorize and apply the following word.

the ubiquitous use of parentheses in a mathematical expression to reduce errors.

One day.....schzoop will be in the OED