Ms. Hires Syllabus


Room: 402

Phone: (219) 922-5610 

Email: *fastest way to contact me*


I am the teacher of emotional disabilities at Highland High School and I am also Teacher of Record for LRE students not in my program.


English 9-

Will follow Indiana state standards for grade 9 English/Language Arts

World History-

Will follow Indiana state standards for World History


This is an online curriculum class. Students can earn credits and/or make up credits. Website:

Account Login: stoh

PLATO Name: student ID # (ex: 0000000) or first initial & last name (ex:ehires)

Password: birthday mmddyyyy (ex:08152016- no “/“)


Will follow Indiana State Standards for Health

Interpersonal Relations/Social Skills-

Students in this class will follow the Indiana state standards for IPR. 

Study Hall-

Students will need to always bring homework or a book. They will not be allowed to sit on cellphones


Everything in my class is based off points (ex: 7/10 = 70%). Occasionally extra credit will be given, but do not count on it to raise grades each quarter. I follow Highland’s standard grading scale with rounding. Late work is accepted when a student is absent. Absent work will be in the absent bin, it is the student’s responsibly to collect their absent work and turn it in. The amount of days to make up work depends on their amount of absences (ex: 2 days absent = 2 days to make up work)


I follow Highland’s handbook regarding tardies and truancies. My self-contained program is different than Highland’s handbook

Self-Contained Program Rules

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Students will be rewarded for, but not limited to:

1. caught being a good person

2. caught helping another student

3. caught being a good role model

4. caught not using profanity

5. caught giving a genuine compliment

6. caught being a good student

7. caught using a de-escalating technique

Leave Me Alone

Once students are caught 10x, they will be able to buy a Leave Me Alone pass. This allows the student to be left alone for a whole school day, if they feel they cannot participate for one day.


No cellphones! First time is a warning, second time is a referral, third time the phone is put into a phone jail and can be received at the end of the day. 


Use your time wisely in the hallways during passing periods. Time management is a great life skill! Students will not be allowed to leave class to use the restroom, if they do- they will be marked tardy. Students will be given two emergency bathroom passes per semester. If they lose them or use them, they will not get another two until the next semester.

Tardy Policy


3 tardies in one week = 1 day of no passing period privileges OR escorted to the specific class for one day

4-5 tardies in one week = 2 days of no passing period privileges OR escorted to the specific class for two days

6-7 tardies in one week = 3 days of no passing period privileges OR escorted to the specific class for three days

8-10 tardies in one week = 4 days of no passing period privileges OR escorted to the specific class for four days

10+ tardies in one week = 2 weeks of no passing periods or escorted to the specific classes for two weeks

Out of School Suspension (OSS)

1-5 OSS = escort in the hallways to all classes & alternate passing periods in the hallways

5+ OSS = more classes will be in the self-contained environment 


1-2 referrals per quarter = 1 day lunch with me

3-4 referrals per quarter = 2 days lunch with me

5+ referrals per quarter = lunch will be with me for my determined length of time