College Rep Visits to HHS

This page offers a heads up as to when representatives from colleges and universities will be present in our building for students to hear a one hour presentation and to ask questions.  Students will sign up to see the rep of their choice approximately one week ahead of time.  Students will obtain a pass from the Guidance Office on the day of the rep visit to excuse them from the class period they are missing.  Students are responsible for any work missed during their time out of class.  This is a great opportunity for students to obtain information about specific schools prior to a college visit. 
Upcoming visits include...

Tuesday, October 8th

7th Hour: University of Arizona

Wednesday, October 9th

All Lunch Hours: Indiana University Dental Education Program

Monday, October 15

2nd Hour: Manchester College

7th Hour: DePauw University

Wednesday, October 23

6th Hour: Saint Mary's College

Thursday, October 24

6th Hour: Franklin College

Wednesday, November 6

6th Hour: Western Michigan University