Professional Learning Communities

PLC Assignments 2013-2014

by Dr. Patrick Weil, Principal

Faculty Professional Learning Community assingments for the 2013-2014 school year are found in the attachment below.
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Professional Learning Communities: Guidelines for Collaborative Teams at Highland High School

by Dr. Patrick Weil, Principal

In 2012, Highland High School informally adopted a Professional Learning Community model based on the work of Rick and Becky DuFour, Larry Ainsworth and Douglas Reeves, Rick Stiggins, and Joe Crawford who are educational leaders with a deep history of research and publication.  To begin the process, the high school principal assigned faculty to PLC teams that were organized by content area. To date, each team started its work by mapping curriculum according to power standards that were derived from the Indiana State Standards and the Common Core State Standards. From these standards, teachers developed Quarterly Instructional Objectives, upon which they created a first-generation of quarterly common assessments.

In 2014, each team will practice writing SMART goals as a means to improve instruction and student performance.  Each team will also enter a period of curriculum writing, which culminated in presenting a written curriculum to the Board of Education for approval. 

As the school’s leadership team looks to clarify and sharpen the focus of the collaborative teams to student learning and performance, it is clear that some reconfiguration may be necessary to leverage opportunities for collaboration among teachers who share students or who teach the same course.  Given the myriad work that PLC teams have performed during the last two years, the purpose of our teams needs to be clearly defined.

This handbook has been created to clarify the purpose of our collaborative teams, to explain the work of the teams, and to provide resources that will help each team to truly become a community of professionals working together to improve student learning.
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