HR Block Budget Challenge

This page contains the information that you need to register for the HR Block Budget Challenge.  YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY THURSDAY 2/11/16

1) Visit

2) Choose Student Registration

3) Fill in necessary fields (email must be valid)

4) Use the registration code below based on which hour your in.
  • 2nd Hour: YFIHQZV
  • 4th Hour: SOQPKJL
  • 7th Hour: LGKYQAE

5) Check your email and authorize the email

6) Now that you are registered you need to select the companies that you will be using for all the bills that you need to pay.  Click on all the red tabs, when they are completed they will turn green.

1) Choose your 401K plan.  Once you decide how much money to disburse into the 401K, go to the chart at the bottom of the page.  Find your contribution and match it to your NET PAY.  

2) You are paid Bi-Weekly which means you will receive 2 checks a month.  Take your net pay and multiply by 2.  This will be your monthly income.

3) As you choose your vendors subtract the monthly fee away from your monthly income to have an idea of how much money you have left.

4) Your insurances may be paid semiannually (every 6 months).  To figure out your monthly amount to set aside, divide the total price by 6.