Algebra 2 Quarterly Objectives


Students will be able to…

Quarter 1:

- No power standards, review of Algebra 1 concepts

Quarter 2


- Identify zeros, roots, solutions, and factors of quadratics

- Graph quadratic functions by applying transformations to the parent function.

- Write quadratic functions in vertex form and standard form

- Solve quadratic equations by graphing, factoring, completing the square, and quadratic formula

- Solve quadratics with complex solutions

- Add/subtract/multiply/divide complex numbers

Quarter 3


- Add/subtract/multiply/divide exponents

- Evaluate polynomial functions at given points

- Graph polymomial functions by hand and with the use of technology

- Add/subtract/multiply/divide polynomials

- Apply remainder theorem, factor theorem, and rational zero theorem to polynomial functions and equations

- Analyze and interpret graphs of polynomials

- Find relative minimums and maximums of quadratic and polynomial functions.

Quarter 4


- Graph logarithmic and exponential functions by hand and with the use of technology

- Solve exponential and logarithmic equations

- Identify properties of logarithms

- Solve real world problems involving exponential growth and decay

- Solve equations and graph functions involving e

- Apply logarithms to real world situations